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As I mentioned before, i've started doing 'Cowboy Action' shooting. Basically what it is is speed shooting at metal targets with pistols, rifles and shotguns. Very fun and a good excuse to wear quasi-historical clothing. (My Pith Helmet is on the way) ;)

There is also the tendency for the participants to shoot and collect old firearms of which I am personally a huge fan of. So much so that I am about to be buying a rather smashing hammer shotgun made in the UK sometime before 1909. Here's a couple of photos so you can drool over the very sexy engraving :P

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Come on mike!

*drops pin*

Wow, totally forgot about Lj. Last post was a bit wahmbulancy too.

Thought I might use this a bit more, not sure for what but I guess we'll see.

As an update, i'm now FINALLY pursuing my dream to study Archaeology at UWA which is bloody wonderful.

Shoulders still useless and recently diagnosed with severe Depression. Yay! It's ok though, not self-harmy just explains my complete lack of motivation to do anything and finding any and all social interaction making me want to run away screaming to a nice quiet place.

Doing a lot less sword fighting which is sucky but slowly getting myself motivated again in my own way. Have also started doing Cowboy Action shooting which means I get to play with awesome 1800's style guns and shoot metal targets which is just amazing fun :P

Apart from that... nothing much. Lets see how we go this time around!
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Meme from Columb

Following a meme from [info]col_ki: Comment and I will (try to) list 5 words that I associate with you, which you must then post about.

Indead I am a redhead. Thankfully I'm not full creepy ginger but that nice Irish/ancient spanish which gives me auburn hair and brown eyes and lets me go in the sun without instantly combusting. :P Only recently have I discovered it's try origin as my parents are both adopted. Having discovered in the last few years their birth family my Dad's biological mother has the exact same hair colour and aparrently a few other rellies do to so yeah. Yay. I could have had the surname O'Leary!

Laughter is very important to me. I've always loved comedy, always been the class clown. I often feel that people that life WAY too seriously and really need to just make a fart joke or something to break the tension. To that end I am usually in a constant state of amusement and even in bad situations try and see the funny side. Unfortunately I don't think people always appreciate it but to that end I refer to my previous statement. I also find that keeping an upbeat and humorous mindset the shitty state of my life and being in constant pain seems a lot more bearable.

It's definately one of my favourite medieval weapons. One big reason is that even with my dicky shoulders I can still use it with a lot more effectiveness than I would say a sword and shield. It is a very elegant and deadly weapon which is, well i was going to say often but instead I shall say ALWAYS used incorrectly in movies, reenactments and many other situations. Due to that I try whenever possible to espouse the true grace and functionality of this lovely weapon and hope to one day collect a number of real ones :P

This is probably the biggest thing in my life atm. I've always had clicky shoulders, when I got to my late teens they started to hurt more and more until eventually in 2007, after several operations, thousands on doctors, hours in physio and whatnot I was declared disabled by Centrelink and told by doctors they had no idea what was really wrong with me, how to fix it and to basically just deal with it. Basically My shoulders don't fit in the socket properly so are quite loose. To compensate my muscles go completely spastic trying to make them not dislocate all the time, which is nice. Unfortunately this gives me a 24/7 feeling of rather intense general upper body pain interspersed with pinched nerves which feel like someone is jabbing a screwdriver in the joint. I am quite used to it now but it still leaves me in a near constant state of distraction, irritability and tiredness from having horrific sleeping patterns. What's made it worse is going from having a cool job making lots of money to being on a bare minimum, extreme debt, having to live at my parents house which frankly is probably the most depressing of all given im going to be 26 next month and having no real idea how my life is going to get unfucked. But, I try to stay positive and am glad to be surrounded by awesome people. :D

Metal. Clearly the best genre of music, followed closely by folk and show tunes. *ahem* My love of metal stems from being given awesome CD's and Cassettes as a child. First tape I ever bought was Rage against the Machines's 'Evil Empire' and was given great presents of Joe Satriani, Metallica, Tea Party and other similar artists from family. These days I have main interest in Nordic folk metal and 70's and 80's Rock and Goth music.

So yeah, comment and i'll try and think of 5 words about you :P
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I keep wanting to post something useful here but every time I do it just ends up being all fucking wah wah whinge depressing shit.

Seriously hoping that next year sucks a whole lot less.

Fuck this popsicle stand, i'm going to bed.
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Best. Cause. Ever.

Support breast cancer awareness!

Donate money, boobs or both, it's whats for dinne.... anyway, support a good cause!
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I like wine. Wine is a good painkiller. Painkillers make me very happy.

Looking forward to this weekend. Should rock.

Tonight has been full of conversations. Most of which lead me to believe that I am very confused and should both stop overthinking some things and pondering other things more.

Yes, cryptic like a motherfucker.

In other news, seriously trying to ponder how one goes about not being single whilst not appearing creepy or giving bad impressions.

I fail at straightforward :P

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I hate sewing. Seriously. It's pants-on-head retarded.

I like wood. It doesn't move and you can measure and cut it without fucking it up.

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Of a young man and his efforts to achieve atomic discombobulation

So, Thank you heaps to everyone who left wonderful positive comments on that last entry. You rock the fucking casbah :D

I intend to reply to everyone. When i'm awake :P

Tonight I went to a a small perth twitter user meetup which was good fun. Got to see some wonderful folks I haven't seen for months including one of my best friends. Woo!

Did a bit of... well... I cut some fabric out. would ahve done more but i didn;'t have much time and didn't have an iron to sort out dumbass fabric.

Currently enjoying a small tot of stupidly strong grappa a friend gave me tonight. Small glass and i'm feeling tipsy. This coming from someone who can feel sober after a six-pack of strong beer is impressive :D

UWA SCA night tomorrow night which i'm looking forward to. Such a wonderful bunch of folks. And dash pretty to boot! Except the guys, they're a bit hairy :P
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